Musaic Performing Arts School

Individual & Group Lessons

Piano, Voice and Strings

The "ARTS" have the power to change and save lives. Self-esteem, discipline, confidence, sensitivity, character development, and reinforcement of basic subjects are some of the benefits of an arts education. Grace Hanshaw Travillion, the visionary of Musaic Performing Arts School, inspired programs designed to enhance students lives and provide cultural awareness and entertainment for our community.  Various music styles, including  Classical, Jazz, Sacred/Gospel are taught, as well as basic theory, sightreading, and improvisation skills.

Students develop discipline through practice and study; acquire confidence from performances and develop their imagination doing improvisational activities. These activities enhance character and develop sensitivity through the discussion and interpretation of music literature, as well as reinforce subjects such as English, math, and history.

Current Classes Offered

Classes offered include: piano, strings, voice, musical theatre, "Musaic Kids" (Interactive class for children ages four through seven years old). Percussion classes will be available soon and there are future plans for woodwind  instruction. 

Students have opportunities to collaborate in group settings and individual lessons are also available.

Class Schedule: Monday through Thursday (We observe most holidays, such as Thanksgiving, Christmas and “Spring Break” holiday).

Events / Performances: Upcoming student events and performances are listed in the right sidebar. Please also check here or the full events calendar regularly for updates and additions to student recital and performance dates.


Leah Rollins: Piano, Keyboard and Voice Instructor           
TBA: Percussion, Guitar Instructor COMING SOON!

If you would like to be notified when the percussion classes are available, please send us your information using our contact form.

Students receive our “best” every lesson and are given the benefits of theory, “ear training”, and improvisational skills. In order to get the full benefits and rewards in music lessons, it requires dedication and commitment.

It is our pleasure to share our knowledge and experience with you. This can be an exciting journey for you!!!

Tuition and Fees

Please note the current lesson fee schedule posted in the right sidebar.

  • The Family Rates can apply to a group session of 1 hour OR consecutive 30 minute individual sessions for 2 students.
  • The tuition for each month is required, except for December, when students are assessed a fee for two (2) lessons.
  • There will be a non-refundable Registration/ Recital fee of $40.00. This includes a Recital Fee, with 2 tickets per family for each event.
  • All fees are due the 1st lesson of each month. $10.00 will be assessed for late payments or returned checks.

Parent & Student Expectations

We would like for every student to have an enjoyable experience and expect each student to be prepared for their lessons. Consistent practice and discipline are required to accomplish this.

Parents are invited to observe the first lesson so you will know what is expected of your child, observe the instructor's teaching style and feel comfortable with your child's music instruction.


Please park in the parking areas provided. We have been granted permission to use Thunder’s parking area ONLY for special occasions. WE do NOT want to abuse this priviledge.